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I was born in Montmeló (Barcelona) in 1979. I studied Cinema and Audiovisual Media at ESCAC (University School of Cinema & Audiovisual Media of Catalonia) where I graduated as a Cinematographer in 2001.


My first documentary film as a cinematographer was “Kanimambo” (2012). It was co-directed by Adan Aliaga, Hwidar and Carla Subirana, produced by Eddie Saeta and shot in Mozambique. “Fantasia by Escribà” also stands out as another documentary film that I worked on. In this case, it was directed by Adan Aliaga, produced by Benecé Produccions and shot in Singapur. I also collaborated extensively as a cinematographer with Televisió de Catalunya on six documentaries and on some episodes of the interview-based TV-show “La Gent Normal”, which was directed and conducted by Agnés Marquès. Lately I worked on the documentary show “La Gran Il·lusió, història intermitent del cinema català”—directed by Mai Balaguer, Àlex Gorina i Esteve Riambau—whose upcoming release will be in 2018 on Televisió de Catalunya.


My career as DoP includes more than twenty professional fictional short films and collaborations as a second unit cinematographer on different films for television: “Peixos al desert” (2007), “13 dies d’Octubre” (2015) and “Amics per Sempre” (2017). I have also worked occasionally as a camera operator on the Catalan TV-shows: “Nit i Dia” (2016-2017) and “El Crac” (2017).


In addition, I specialize in stop motion. I am used to working with miniature lighting and camera settings in both advertising and fiction. Short films such asDead Horses”, “Lupe & Bruno”, “Violeta”, or “Canis”—all produced by I+G Stopmotion—were awarded nationally and internationally, including a Gaudí Award (Catalan Academy Awards of Cinema) to “Twins of Sunset Street” for Best Short Film in 2011.


Moreover, I have been working on documentary and advertising projects with production companies from Barcelona, València and Madrid. I worked side by side with the visual artist from Barcelona, Lyona (Marta Puig). Together, we have shot commercials, corporate videos and more than seventy music videos. I also work regularly as a director on small projects for TV and product videos for the media company Grupo Planeta.


I love shooting documentaries, taking pictures and travelling. This passion for telling real stories drove me to produce and direct ‘Ana Ismi Cárol’ (2015)—shot in Morocco—and to shoot and direct the webdoc ‘Double Epidemic’ (2016). The latter is an interactive documentary about AIDS, shot in different capital cities of Africa, and was directed by the journalist Marc Serena.


I also taught cinematography classes in the ESCAC (2006-2012), and stop motion workshops at 9ZEROS, a stop motion school in Barcelona (2008-2012).



  • Kodak Award Best Cinematography ‘XII Concurso Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes Versión Española / SGAE’

“Twins of Sunset Street”, 2011. Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion

  • Best Cinematography of Spanish Production in MECAL (European Shortfilm Contest). Barcelona 2014

“Canis”, 2013. Dir. M.Riba i A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion

  • Best Cinematography at “My Love Michelle Short Film Festival” EEUU 

“Wut”, 2017. Dir Sergi Martí. Prod: Nanouk Films


Feature Films

  • Violeta, en tránsito (Dir: David Fernandez de Castro & Marc Parramon. Prod: Polar Star Films & Media Pro) Shooting
  • Fantasia by Escribà (Dir. Xavier Atance. Prod: Benecé Produccions)
  • Kanimambo (Dir: Adan Aliaga, Hwidar, Carla Subirana. Prod: Eddie Saeta)


  • La càpsula del temps. 40 anys de Dagoll Dagom (Dir: Joan Lluís Bozzo. Prod: TV3 i Dagoll Dagom)
  • Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer. Història d’un exili interior (Dir: Amparo Solís. Prod: Benecé Produccions)
  • Una flama al cor (Dir: Josep MªMañé. Prod: Benecé Produccions)
  • El club (Dir: Rose Kowalski. Prod: Polar Star Films)
  • To de re per mandolina i clarinet (Dir: Jordi Turtós. Prod: Televisió de Catalunya)
  • La batalla de la memòria (Dir: Mario Pons. Prod: Pons Prod. Audiovisual)


  • La Gran I·lusió, història intermitent del cinema català (7 chapters – 1a Season) – Directed by Mai Balaguer, Àlex Gorina & Esteve Riambau. Produced by Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, Filmoteca de Catalunya & Costa Est Audiovisuals. 
  • La Gent Normal (6 chapters- 2a Season) – Directed by Agnès Marquès. Produced by Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals & Sticaki.



  • Matilda (Dir. Irene Iborra i Edu Puertas. Prod: Arnaud Demunyck i Citoplasmas Stopmotion) Postproduction
  • Júpiter i Mart (Dir. Carla Subirana. Prod: Diversitat en curt – Ajuntament de Barcelona)
  • Dead Horses (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • Lucrecia (Dir. Eva Marín. Prod: Quatre Films)
  • Atma (Dir. Carla Subirana. Prod: Mar Ximenis/Carla Subirana)
  • Wut (Dir. Sergi Martí. Prod: Nanouk Films)
  • Ana Ismi Cárol (Dir. Anna Molins. Prod: Anna Molins)
  • Blocked, Piled (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • El experimento (Dir. Maja Djókic. Prod: La Movie)
  • Canis (Dir. M.Riba i A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • División Azul (Dir. Sergi Martí. Prod: Nanouk Films)
  • Grand Prix (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • Twins of Sunset Street (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • Algo Queda (Dir. Ana Lorenz. Prod: Christian Guijarro)
  • Cabaret Kadne (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • Sonata in Motion (Dir. L.Gil & JA Duran. Prod: Laia Gil)
  • Violeta (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • Lupe and Bruno (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: I+G Stopmotion)
  • La otra mirada (Dir. Ángeles Hernández. Prod: Escándalo Films)
  • Hogar (Dir. Sol Caramilloni. Prod: Escándalo Films)
  • Black is the color of Gods (Dir. M.Riba & A.Solanas. Prod: Escándalo Films)

Music Videos

Love of Lesbian, Lory Meyers, Amaral, Sidonie, La Pegatina, Zahara, Mürfila, Kakkmaddafakka, Els Pets, Mazoni, Álex Ferreira, Carlos Sadness, Marc Salvador, La Caza Azul, Beth, Anna Roig i l’ombre de ton chien, Maria Coma, Inspira, Pau Vallvé, Ix, The New Raemon, Ezra Furman, Ultraplayback, Oblique & Carlos Bayona, Eme DJ, Prats, Presidente, Los seis días, Wantun, Nitoniko, Vinodelfín, Mono, Jules, Febrero, Spam, Crazy Notes, Magnética, Kabul Babá, Lanco, Berta, Cris Joanico, Tugores